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    Cascadia - Splice Fitting Cascadia - Splice Fitting Cascadia - Splice Fitting

Cascadia - Splice Fitting

Build a ready-to-install Cascadia railing system with your own top rail (1/2-in minimum height) and convenient off-the-shelf components that include a Cascadia - Post Assembly - 36-in or a Cascadia - Post Assembly - 42-in, Cascadia - Bar Infill, Cascadia - Splice Fittings, and Cascadia - End Caps. Attach to a wood mounting surface with Clearview® - 5/16-in x 3-in Lag Screws or attach to a concrete mounting surface with Clearview® - 5/16-in x 3 1/2-in Concrete Expansion Anchors.

The Cascadia railing system is currently the only ICC-ES approved metal railing system with horizontal infill (ESR-4148) and available in either 36-in or 42-in height configurations. This report means that the Cascadia railing system can be installed almost anywhere in the U.S. and Canada without the need for custom design work and sophisticated engineering that would have been required by local permitting authorities.

To build a complete Cascadia railing system and add the necessary components for your project to the Shopping Cart, use the Cascadia Calculator application.


  • Material: Marine grade 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.

  • Application: Connects rows of horizontal Cascadia - Bar Infill on a Cascadia railing system under the Clearview® brand.


  • Create a Beautiful and Distinctive Look: Can be used to distinctively decorate decks, patios, stairs, balconies, porches, and verandas.

  • Save Time and Money: Eliminates the need for a consultation, custom design work, and highly skilled labor.

  • Reduce Waste and Inefficiency: Makes disassembly and reuse effortless when compared to welded connections.

  • Easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Installation: Simple design with educational How-To and FAQ resources that include DIY instructions and DIY videos to facilitate installation.

Installation Instructions

Video Resources

  • How-To Video: How to Install Splice Fittings for a Cascadia Railing System Under the Clearview® Brand.

Company Description

AGS Stainless designs and manufactures prefabricated stainless steel railing systems under the Clearview® brand, which include Rainier cable railing systems, Glacier panel railing systems, Olympus bar railing systems, and Cascadia railing systems. Continue browsing hardware to build your own Cascadia railing system or schedule a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION to get an estimate for a custom railing system.

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Cascadia - Splice Fitting

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